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Kodris Africa
The Easiest Way to Learn How to Code!

We believe that in this day and age, in order to contribute to the developing world of computer sciences and programming, coding education must be started at the earliest possible age.

Learning to code will teach students versatile, analytical and critical thinking as well as give them problem solving skills and enhance their creativity.

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İbrahim Erkal

Çankaya İlkokul Öğretmeni

Teacher Resources

As a teacher, even without previous experience in coding, Kodris Africa has made it easy for you to teach coding.

The “Teacher’s Guide” gives you access to numerous online or classroom activities for learners as well as access to various examples and solutions to the tasks in the Kodris Africa platform.

The “Teachers Dashboard” also helps the teacher to track the progress of learners and see the solutions they come up with for each task.

Interactive Learning

With the help of our cute Kodris Africa characters, our students attempt to solve the tasks they are given by collecting the food in the scenes. In some scenes, the supporting characters help them out, while in some, the obstructing characters give them a hard time.

In Kodris Africa, the interactive learning platform, the solutions to all tasks are automatically checked and scored according to the “Three Star” scoring system. Students who are able to complete a task correctly and with the shortest code are rewarded three stars. With the Teacher’s Dashboard, teachers are able to track their students’ progress and see how many stars each student has earned from each task.

A Platform with

Synchronized Code and Block Modes

In Kodris Africa, when solving the given tasks, there are two modes for students to choose from: Block Mode and Code Mode. These two modes work synchronously and can be used interchangeably. In Code Mode, students write real text-based codes to solve the tasks. While writing real codes, the system automatically generates the block sequence with the corresponding algorithm under the Block Mode tab; therefore, if students get stuck or have difficulty writing the real code, they can switch to the Block Mode for help.

On the other hand, in the Block Mode, while students create algorithms using block sequences, the system automatically generates the equivalent, text-based code under the Code Mode tab; therefore, students can see the real code corresponding to the block sequence when they switch over to Code Mode. Thanks to this feature, our students are able to easily learn the fundamentals of Python programming language such as loops, variables, functions and conditionals, as well as many other topics.

Be one step ahead in Education Standards!
Start coding today to prepare learners for tomorrow’s world and equip them with the ability to think analytically and become problem solvers.